About Anna

A flight to the authentic self is a daily trip we must take because of the many masks we wear during the day.

As a writer we have to exhale so our muse can whisper the words that sing true to us. Here within this space I wish to share the beauty and mysteries of life and the human psyche.

I am a California native. My mom was an immigrant from Mexico and my father was from Alabama. My father’s family came to the United States shortly after the Mayflower arrived. How the two came together is a story that I will definitely share, for their love was strong and endured the many trappings of marriage and of life.

I have an older brother and a younger brother. I have a step sister who is 14 years older than me. An older sister comes in handy when you lose a mother when you are in your 20′s.

Every family is full of stories and some are funny and some are sad, but this is life. There is no happiness without the sadness.

My daily goal in life is explained in a poem I wrote a while ago and I now share with you.


A life changing event happens, and with it may come more trying times…

Loving oneself is the best antidote to silencing the tumultuous waves of emotions that takes us up and down and all around.

If one accepts the poisonous words it seeps into one’s peace of mind and like quick sand, stand in it long enough one begins to sink into the abyss of self doubt.

These moments are tests to see if we have enough self love to withstand the battle of venomous darts from another person, another mishap.

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