Poetry of Lovers


Sensuous man, lie with me on the tepid
sandy beach
The night is giving lovers all over a silvery
The waves are pounding against the beach adding
arousing clamor to the mood
As you and I kiss our bodies flow as the waves
do against the beach
Nature has provided mankind with such beauty to
heighten the beauty within knowing your lover


We beat at one vibration stalwartly – the sexual
I relish in thoughts of caressing your
lascivious body endlessly
As our bodies melt as one…
We will savor a sweetness that will never leave
Each time we leave the sensuous moment – I
anticipate our next pulsation


Come to me in the cool of the night
as the full moon radiates her moon beams on our naked bodies
You caress my round bottom with your hungry hands
as you gently smother my sweet supple breasts with your titillating lips
Your desirous hands then journey to my warm honeycomb
like a humming bird searching for the delightful flower
You then feel the moist dew dripping as you enter the seductive haven
As you withdraw from my softness you are moistened with my nectar
and I am left with your inspiring strength

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2 Responses to Poetry of Lovers

  1. Itzel Yagual says:

    This certainly keeps my eyes wide open..quite hypnotic, sexy and enriching! Love it!

    • Anna M. Poore aka Anna M. Cordova says:

      oooh…love your comment and absolutely grateful for you taking the time to read our words. Many blessings, xoxo.

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