Introducing Inside the Script

If you love movies like we do then you will be THRILLED about Warner Brothers Digital Distribution’s (WBDD) new ebook series, “Inside the Script”,  that let’s true movie-lovers delve deeply into their favorite film(s).  So, let’s go ‘inside’ the ebook to see what makes this an extraordinary ebook that is a must have for us movie-lovers.

The “Inside the Script” gives us an all-access pass to go behind-the-scenes of the films that we know and love.  Each title, available through the “Inside the Script”, series not only includes the film’s complete shooting script but also includes chapters about the script and film that detail the development of the feature. It even showcases historical documents such as production notes, storyboards and candid photos.  Even sweeter it features an interactive image gallery of costumes, on-set stills, movie posters, set designs and behind-the-scenes photos.

Thomas Gewecke, President of WBDD believes “Inside the Script” is perfect for fans.  “Now we can give fans rarely seen details of how these stories came together and take their enjoyment of films to a whole new level.”

Released titles in the series include “Casablanca”, “Ben-Hur”, “An American in Paris”, and “North by Northwest.”   Each script features such tidbits as Jack Warner’s telegrams and memos from “Casablanca”, excerpts from Charlton Heston’s acting and shooting journals during the filming of “Ben-Hur”, set design painting from the MGM production design collection for “An American in Paris”, and Alfred Hitchcock’s editing and main title sequence notes from “North by Northwest.”  Check out the samples below.

Each “Inside the Script” title is available through the iBookstore, the Kindle store and the NOOK store for $9.99 per title.  You can learn more about this series by becoming a fan on Facebook and becoming a follower on Twitter.

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