Harveys and the Hamptons

Summer is right around the corner, so let’s update our handbags and see why Harveys Seatbeltbags is one we should include in our collection of handbags.

Harveys Seatbeltbags has recently introduced the Hampton Carry-all Bag.  This bag is available in various sizes, includes a make-up case, a clutch wallet, a medium carry-all and a large carry-all.  All of the bags offer silver monogrammed lining, interior pockets and an inside D-ring for accessory or keys.

What makes Harveys line unique is that all of the bags are made durable of automotive seatbelts.  In fact, the first Harveys bag was made in 1997 when co-founder Dana Harvey decided to make his wife a handbag out of the excess seat belts found in their vintage 1950s Buick.

“Basically, the brand is a mix tape of everything we love,” says Dana Harvey.

The Hampton bags come in two sets of colors.  Sea Sprite features a beautiful blend of turquoise, emerald, vanilla and green apple colors, while Sherbet showcases the bright and flashy Flamingo, Mandarin, Buttercup, Razzleberry and Vanilla colors.  Prices for these particular bags vary from $64 to $134.

Hampton Clutch Wallet in Sea Sprite

Hampton Large Carry-all in Sherbet

Each Harveys bag features a life-time guarantee to ensure that you can enjoy your new accessory for many years to come.

Check out more about the Harveys line and the new Hampton collection by visiting their Facebook and following them on Twitter.

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