Bright and Fabulous

One of the hottest trends is the appearance of bright colors. Pantone color guru Leatrice Eiseman feels strongly about brights. “They are the quickest way to add a sense of joy to the new season. Not only will you feel great in these vibrant hues, but you’ll brighten the day of anyone you come in contact with,” Eiseman claims.

To get started on adding to your collection of brights, check out Ramy Brook. Founded in 2010, Ramy Brook’s self-named line features clothes that are sexy, sophisticated and simple. “My vision is for women who wear Ramy Brook designs to feel beautiful, look glamorous, and exude confidence, knowing that they are sexy, wearing something special and look their absolute best,” states Brook.

As the spring season moves forward, mother nature blesses the earth with her gentle soothing tears. To protect your new clothes from the spring showers, check out JANE POST. JANE POST features an ultra-chic collection of rainwear and coats. Created by Jane Lipman Post, JANE POST coats are set apart by their impeccable fits, inspired details and stylish quirks. Post is passionate about her line, but she’s also passionate about her clientele. “On a rainy night, I count the JANE POST coats in a crowd. It is truly rewarding to see women wearing my designs, and to know that I am helping them stay comfy and chic,” Post says.

Finally, as every fashionista knows, all great outfits need a great handbag to go with it. For a great line with bright clutches and purses, check out BLUES by kyky. According to their website, BLUES by kyky has been the trend to follow in the Venezuelan accessories. Founded in 1994, the original idea was to create something feminine, sexy, modern and original to exceed their expectations and break up the monotony of what existed in the market. With the changing of the seasons, BLUES by kyky continues to surprise with its innovative and unexpected collections, both in Venezuela and in other places within the Americas and Europe.

Take a look at some of the pieces from all three of these fabulous lines. To learn more about them, you can LIKE Ramy Brook on Facebook and follow her on Twitter, LIKE JANE POST on Facebook, and LIKE BLUES by kyky on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Elissa Dress by Ramy Brook

Ivy Top by Ramy Brook

Jasmine Top by Ramy Brook




Adriana Croco Patent Clutch in Yellow by BLUES by kyky

Kava Metalica Mesh Handbag in Fuschia by BLUES by kyky

Shopping Flip Mesh Handbag in Orange by BLUES by kyky

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